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A suspended ceiling is a ceiling with a space between it and the floor above which it hangs. Clients have the option of choosing between the concealed suspended ceiling or the lay- in- grid depending on their budget, requirements and specifications. Suspended ceilings are great energy savers and are mostly used in office environments.


The flush plastered ceiling is an ideal way to transform the look of space and creating a neat and stylish look as they have a smooth refined finish to it. They are easy to install on just below the existing ceiling and are also an easy way of covering wiring pipes, ducting and light fittings. They are also cost effective, great energy savers and are ideal for residential and commercial settings.


A bulkhead is a second ceiling that is one step below the existing one. They come in different designs and shapes and the choice is dependent on the space it will be fitted on. Bulkheads can be used to create a sense of dimension in a small room and add to the feeling of the height. They are perfect for drawing in attention and enhancing the look of the space they are fitted on and are ideal for home and office environments.



Partitions/ drywalling is used to divide larger areas into smaller, functional spaces that add a better layout and form to the areas. Installation is very quick and easy and they can also be relocated as per your needs


Cornices products help to complete a ceiling by providing a professional finish. They come in various designs and enhance the overall look and feel of the room depending on the cornice used.


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